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Lukas' Favorite Things: Curly Hair

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On Sale October 10, 2022

Lukas' Favorite Things: Curly Hair

Written & Illustrated by Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky
(Available in hardcover)

Lukas has a lot of favorite things and Curly Hair is one of them!

Learn how to love and care for your natural and Afro-textured hair in the second volume of Lukas' Favorite Things: Curly Hair. Vibrant watercolor illustrations, curly hair facts, and helpful hair care tips will guide kids through a story that will give them the confidence to appreciate their natural hair.


Watercolor illustrations
Descriptions and fun facts
Curly hair photos
Self-portrait activity

Stay tuned for the next book in the series.

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Lukas' Favorite Things: A Kid's Introduction to Our Solar System

By Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky & Lukas Nowoisky
(Available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook)

Lukas has a lot of favorite things and drawing our Solar System is one of them!

Take a tour of our Solar System with Lukas' Favorite Things: A Kid's Introduction to Our Solar System. Experience space through the creativity of a 5-year-old artist and astronomy enthusiast. Lukas' beautifully illustrated solar system, planetary descriptions, and favorite art projects will spark kids' interest in astronomy and art. Budding astronomers and artists will be inspired to create their own artwork in the space project section of this book and beyond! Exploring our Solar System has never been so creative and fun!


Kid-illustrated Solar System
Descriptions and fun facts
Photos of Lukas' favorite space-art activities Space projects and art activities to do in the book 

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About the Authors

Mom and son have teamed up to create the children's book series, Lukas' Favorite Things, to capture all of Lukas' favorite subjects and activities. In their second book in the series, Lukas' Favorite Things: Curly Hair, Amaris uses watercolor illustrations to show Lukas'  love for Afro-textured curly hair and easy ways kids can take care of their hair. 

Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky


Amaris is an English language teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language. She grew up writing stories, drawing, making short videos, crafting, and exploring science. In 2014, she had a little boy named Lukas who has grown up to become her creative buddy. She decided to work with her son to create the first volume of Lukas’ Favorite Things to help him share his inspiration.

Lukas Nowoisky


Lukas is a precocious little boy who loves to learn about everything. He learned the alphabet and numbers in English and German before the age of two and became fascinated with our Solar System and 3D shapes. Lukas also loves to tell stories, sing, dance, learn languages, and draw.


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